Would everyone please note that, because of the pandemic and the continuing regulations relating thereto, the Committee has decided to cancel all its Colts tournaments for 2020.

There still remains significant doubt and vagueness as to when visitors and / or guests will be allowed back to Golf Clubs.

All Clubs which have entered this year will automatically be enrolled for next year’s events. Entry fees paid for 2020 will be retained and there will therefore be no entry fees for 2021. The Bill Renison will then be held at Wallasey in May and the Matchplay Finals Day at Dean Wood in September.

Any players who would have played in 2020 but who will be “too old” to play next year will be allowed to play with this alteration to the Rules being a once-off change to reflect current circumstances.

This website will be more fully updated later in the year.

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The origins of the two Liverpool & District Colts golf tournaments are more properly set out in the History Section of this Website but, suffice to say, it all started in November 1933 when the then Captain of Royal Liverpool (RLGC) called a meeting of representatives of Formby, RLGC, Wallasey and West Lancs to discuss the formulation of an “American-style” scratch Matchplay Tournament involving young men or “Colts” of a limited age.

This was approved and the event began in the Spring of 1934 with Clubs then within a 21 mile radius of Liverpool Town Hall being invited to participate.

As the years went by and to reflect the increasing trend towards medal play, it was felt a Club team strokeplay tournament should also be introduced and this started in 1979 under the auspices of RLGC member, Bill Renison, who had been involved in the running of the original matchplay competition since its inception in 1934! Unsurprisingly, the new tournament was called the Bill Renison Trophies.

Times and format, of course, change and both competitions are now mixed gender.

The Clubs invited to participate each year are essentially those within the footprint of the Society of Liverpool Golf Captains which provides a generous element of sponsorship.  These number 27.

The venues for both the matchplay Finals Day and the Bill Renison Trophies revolve over the years through all the participating Clubs. Competition entry forms are sent out annually in early January.

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2020 Tournaments

Bill Renison Stableford Team Event

The Bill Renison Trophies event is now a scratch Stableford competition involving, as in the past, Club teams of 3 players. All scores will count towards an aggregate team score with the highest team points total being the winners of the Bill Renison Trophy.

There will also be the Bill Renison Handicap Trophy (including handicaps) and individual prizes.

Following the 2019 competition at West Lancashire on Sunday 19th May, the current holders of the Bill Renison Trophy are Royal Liverpool.

The venue for the Bill Renison in 2020 is Caldy on Sunday 17th May.

Detailed rules can be found here.

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Caldy Golf Club

Matchplay Knock-out

The matchplay competition involves each Club having a team of 5 players who play scratch singles matchplay golf against a similar team from another Club. A Club team gaining 3 points wins its match.

Historically, those Clubs entering the matchplay tournament were involved in a set-up of 4 leagues with the eventual winning Club in each league then going forward to participate in a Finals Day when both the semis and the final would be played.

From 2019, this format was altered and the Club team matchplay competition is now on a knock-out basis. A Draw is made in early March and you then know your opponents. You duly play your match and, if you win, you go through to the next round. This will still lead to 4 Clubs reaching Finals Day as in the past.

Current holders of the Liverpool & District Matchplay Trophy are Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

The venue for Finals Day in 2020 is Hesketh on Sunday 20th September.

Detailed Rules can be found here.

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