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Privacy Policy and Communication

This privacy policy applies to any use of the Society’s website, the ways in which we may communicate with you and it applies solely to this website. Links to other websites are not covered by this policy.   The Society is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations. This policy explains what information we collect about you and how it will be used. When you access and use this website, you agree to be legally bound to the privacy policy outlined below.

The Society collects personal information either from regional Golf Clubs or directly from individuals. Generally, this will be in respect of individuals having been nominated as Clubs’ Colts’ Captains or Clubs or individuals having nominated other named persons as members of Club Teams for golfing events which the Society runs / organises. This information may include names, Golf Club, email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers.

We will use this information purely for administration and organisational purposes for the two annual golfing tournaments which the Society organises / runs. Any communication from us will generally be by way of email and, whenever practicable, a “blind copy” mode will be used.   There may however be occasions when an individual’s name, email address and telephone number may have to be released by email on a restricted basis……………eg: the Matchplay Knock-out Tournament where your opponent Club details are required.

As a general Rule, such personal information will not be placed on the Society’s website.

Under no circumstances will such data be used for any other purpose.  We will not provide any personal information to any third party for any other purpose other than that stated above.

Should you wish to contact the Society’s Secretary on any matter to do with either this website or the above policies, please contact him on


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Any personal information the Society holds on you has been provided by your own Golf Club in connection with the Society’s annual golfing tournaments and nothing else. The Society is and will continue to remain committed to the security of your personal information. Security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of any information under the Society’s control.