As more fully described in General History, 8 Clubs set off on the Liverpool & District Colts matchplay journey in 1934. These were Royal Liverpool, Formby, West Lancashire, Wallasey, Woolton, Leasowe, West Derby and Fulwood Park: the latter Club, which was based on the banks of the Mersey in South Liverpool, only survived until WW2.

We show below a remarkable photo of the Royal Liverpool team in that year. It’s been scanned from an old photo so, if enlarged, it’s not of the greatest quality but nevertheless it’s great to have this historical memento and be able to show those first “venturers” on this website.

Top left to right: J.A. Graham, E.H. Langdon, J.B. Charles
Bottom left to right: J.D.W. Renison, G.B. Band, C.W. Timmis (Capt.) A.H.T. Crosthwaite

Whilst we can’t produce another Club team photo from that year, we can show a truncated note from a Formby Golf Club Brochure printed in the late 1980s.

We are grateful to the 2019 Secretary / Manager of Formby for allowing us to reprint the caption below.

And – yes – the Dr Stableford below is THE Dr Stableford!!

Liverpool and District Colts Competition

This competition was inaugurated in November 1933 by a committee consisting of Mr H de Bels Adam (Formby) in the chair, together with Messrs. J Pegram and G B Farrar (Royal Liverpool), Dr Stableford (Wallasey) and Mr T Purgold.

The first contest duly took place during 1934: and the names of the team chosen by the Handicap Committee to represent Formby were as follows:

A Roy (Captain)
J P Zacharias
A Batty

A N Moon
W W B Stoddart
N N Gittins

C R Walmsley

Reserves: R P Taylor and T J France